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West Lake 24/7 - Urgent Care is a fully independent nonprofit created and funded by a group of physicians and nurses to serve the urgent healthcare needs of Melrose Park, River Forest, Bellwood, Forest Park, Broadview, and other nearby communities.

We are managed by a volunteer board of directors and not affiliated with any hospital, healthcare entity, government agency, and/or municipality.


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Masks & COVID-19


The most effective mask for filtering droplet-borne transmission of COVID-19 is a fitted N95 mask.

Your second best choice is a simple, three-layer surgical mask. However, this along with most readily available N95 masks are not reusable. They also are in quite limited supply.

While not as effective, a cloth or polypropylene mask is reusable. To increase their effectiveness, they should be washed after use and replaced - even if only slightly worn out. Making sure your mask has multiple layers and is properly fitted, likewise, is very important in determining its overall effectiveness.

For any mask, you should make sure it completely covers your nose / mouth and is not worn inside out.

When sneezing and/or coughing, even while wearing a mask, you should cover your mouth. Be sure to wash or sanitize your hands regularly and practice social distancing as well. Six feet or more of separation increases the protection offered by any mask.

The bottom line: a mask is only effective if properly fitted, has multiple layers, worn properly, kept clean, and replaced when damaged.

Expanding Services

We're all working hard to get West Lake 24/7 - Urgent Care fully operational and will soon be offering new, expanded services.

Check back regularly for updates and other news.


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